In the case of a cat kept in the dark …

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In the case of a cat kept in the dark except when people
are coming, it may be fearful the entire time the lights are on, while also expecting food, water and a clean litter box to be provided.
However, not as many people pay attention to their eye health
until they encounter a problem of some sort. This is a real problem for solo hikers.
Today, Ireland’s hikers have access to both traditional paper maps and GPS apps – but which is the best choice for
your hike? GPS apps also include elements that may be missing from printed maps
too, such as points of interest (referred to as POI) and will include such helpful data as distance travelled,
current time, and more. Still, one downside of paper maps is their visual complexity
– anyone who has never paid much attention to maps or been shown how
to read them can become utterly perplexed by the vast amount of
information presented, especially with paths and roads
snaking across the paper by the dozen. As much as cats aren’t comfortable with the new locations, they aren’t much happy about many strangers too.
It is up to us to make the move easy on the cats
and here are a few tips to help you with that.

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